Maple & Oskar’s first litter

Maple had her first litter on August 11th. She had a litter of two puppies. The vet assured us that everything was normal with her pregnancy and birth, and the puppies are quite healthy and strong.

We have been taking care of and raising them since then, and with just two, they have speedily become “fat and happy.” The sable / red puppy, “Pretzel”, was spoken for quite far in advance. The prospective parent lined up for “Pepper” (the tri-color puppy) in the meantime, adopted a rescue, which means that the puppy is available.

Puppy codename “Pepper” has been the spunkiest and most playful puppy… even from her birth when she came out happily moving and excited for action! She is being potty trained and is ready to go to her new family!

Below are some photos of the puppies. Please fill out an application if you are interested in adding her to your family!

Both puppies have been placed in fantastic homes! If you are interested in future litters, please fill out an application.